Winter Calving ~ January & February (mostly)
Excellent Breeding Stock ~ Calm Temperaments

Our cows are bred in the spring to calve in our barn during the winter. Come spring, our dams have another flush of milk on the new grass, and their calves are ready to utilize the pasture season most efficiently. We use this time of confinement to handle the calves as much as possible.

Kindergarten Naptime in the Sun at Northeast Corner Farm
Day-old calves below ~ 9-day-old calves at right
Bull Calf ~ Several Weeks Old
Heifer Calf ~ Several Months Old
Turning Around A Loss
Charm, one of our calmest cows, delivered a stillborn calf one night. To make the best of it, we went to a neighbor's dairy farm and discovered that a bull calf (no use to a dairy farmer) had been born that morning; the farmer gave him to us on the spot. Many beef cows will not readily adopt a calf, but we thought Charm might. Tied up, she allowed the calf to nurse, and within 24 hours, she was as protective of the little Holstein as she would have been of her own. We rarely name animals who will be sold in the fall, but this one was special - we called him "Sparky" after the dalmations in firehouses and by the time he was ready to go, he was definitely taller than his mom but still snacking whenever he could.butt Sparky" after the dalmations in

Sparky certainly turned a few heads as people passed our herd on I-91 and saw a black and white bovine in its midst! The early summer picture on the right shows Sparky behind his mom out in the pasture - certainly Charm did an admirable job keeping him safe and secure.

Our Calves

We normally have over 30 calves, with a nice balance between bulls and heifers. Come visit any time and see them as they grow. In the fall, we keep the very best for our own herd and sell the rest to other breeders or farmers who buy them as feeders for the beef market.